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We give you everything you need to know about online casinos before you play. On the Gala Casino website, you will find everything you need for information, so you can safely get started with your game. Knowledge is the key, and we possess it. That is why we are here to help you in the best possible way so that you are really well prepared.

Some of the things that are worth noting are turnover requirements, deadlines, and the like. You can read more about this in our columns.

Otherwise, we will of course give you our strongest recommendations on various online casinos and games, so you can take our tips further. Read also: Gala live casino review.

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You want to play online casinos, but are afraid of falling into the classic traps? Well, it’s easy to get lost in the market. Therefore, it is important to avoid the classic pitfalls. With us, you will find everything you need to be safe when you travel in the casino market.

There are in fact many junk casinos out there, but fortunately plenty of good ones as well. Therefore, one must stay with the biggest pitfall, namely making use of rogue actors.

It is easy to waste a lot of money on bad online casinos, and no one wants that. We give you our best tips and advice, as well as reviews of various casinos so that you get a good overview of the serious and good players that exist.

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Casino Bonuses

It is a concept you constantly encounter. You can often hear and read about the welcome bonus. But what exactly is a good and a bad welcome bonus? It certainly has something to say for you who play at online casinos.

In short, a welcome bonus is a monetary gift from the casino. This is a gesture for you to deposit a money bet with a player. Sometimes you can experience bonus schemes the next time you play as well. In addition, there are many other variants of bonuses, so here it is important to read up.

As in so many other areas, it’s about reading up on what the online casino really offers. What percentage is involved, is there a limit before the maximum amount, are there restrictions on the number of deposits? You should find answers to these questions. And then it is very, very important to know what the turnover requirement is. And when it comes to payment, you need to check if there are any restrictions on the means of payment.

Bonuses can also depend on the type of casino game. Sometimes casinos provide bonuses for specific slots or table games like roulette or poker. Read more about poker in the Gala Poker article on our site.

Below we explain to you in more detail what you should find out about the bonus schemes of the online casinos out there.

Remember to check out the percentage

Percentage. You often read about «match bonus». This is frequently used by online casinos. The term simply means that the amount of money deposited is matched by the casino. If you deposit a 500 note, and the player uses a regular match, then you will get 500 extra that you can play for.

However, it should be said that one often experiences that the casinos use higher bonus schemes from the best online casino promotions. Some offer 200%, 300%, 500%, or even more. This may sound absolutely fantastic? Well, it may be, but remember to examine all the guidelines that come with it.

Do not forget the maximum amount limit

Maximum amount limit. Yes, this is essential to know more about. What exactly is the bonus limit?

You must always check that the bonus limit actually matches the amount of money you use to deposit. You need to make sure you have control over this as soon as possible.

How many deposits are involved?

Deposit. You are often offered a welcome bonus when you play for the first time. But now you also see that more and more people are offering bonuses on the next deposits as well.

Here it is important to examine whether this is an advantage for you or not. And how do you find out more about this? Well, check what guidelines the different players have on their unique welcome bonus. So simple, but so important.

What are the payment restrictions?

Means of payment. Always check if there are any restrictions on means of payment. This is because a number of casinos do not give you bonus schemes if you pay with various e-Wallets. Many people prefer to use such wallets because it makes payments go faster. But, make sure here that there are no different restrictions for just this.

Find out what the turnover requirement is

Turnover requirements. You need to check this out. It is insanely important that you really consider whether the turnover requirement that exists is satisfactory for you as a player.

Wondering what it is? Let us exemplify it for you. Let’s say that the requirement is 40 and that you receive a bonus of 2000. Then you have to play for (turnover, editor’s note) for 80,000 before you can withdraw the winnings.

This is easy to forget, but it is extremely important, to say the least. You must always choose a casino that has a wagering requirement on the bonus that it is possible to achieve for you as a player.